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First lets introduce the happy couple here.... Nicky and her horny husband. Now these two have been featured in several homemade creampies over at hunnies as part of their members area updates and watching them has truely been a blast. A little about this young lass, first the real blonde hair is all natural, trust me here as I've seen some of the over movies and the carpet does match the drapes with perfectly bright pussy hair that almost glows. That tight little frame and long legs is something you don't always see and we get to enjoy the action showing off her method for wrapping those slender legs around her hubby and sucking his cock into that tight little cunt.


This real homemade creampie movie was totally shot in the couples living room where they do all dirty, first on the sofa, then to the floor and back again. To start, Nicky walks in dressed in a white tee and blue jeans that firmly wrap around her slender waist. The slut tat above that tight ass is a sure mark of a woman that knows how to party and it doesn't take too long before shes being foundled by hub as he prepares to plant some real seed into her fertile little womb.


With her pussy all warmed up she turns the attention over to hubbies cock, first moving him to the sofa and then slipping the pants off to reveal his swollen stick. Bending over doggy she preceeds to swallow his pecked all the while giving us a hot shot of the perfect ass as it flies tight in the air. After returning the oral favors she moves him to the carpet and moves in to mount him cowgirl style. This part isn't for the faint of heart cause the tease she gives is absoluted amazing and rarely seen in real homemade movies. Getting right on with it Nick humps away at his penis like a horny dog while he grabs hips and gives every inch. Lots of erotic moaning follow and you can tell this pair just loves sex, with both giving a perfect performance in the art of shooting real homemade creampie movies.



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Jumping ahead to the finally and the real creampie action finds them back on the sofa with hub planting pipe in good old missionary position. With Nicky moaning wildly he errupts and sends a sticky batch of sperm filled spunk straight up her love channel. All spent he withdraws and grabs the camera to capture all the juicy left overs, first zooming on Nickys cunt with is now bubbling up with cum and then capturing a few after shots of his lovely wife as she catches her breath. Fun homemade creampie movie with lots of action here so check em out and enjoy.... you can find more porn from these two and many other at creampie hunnies which is linked above.


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