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Gloryhole Wife Is A Creampie Movie Makin Slut


Now when I first discovered her lovely little ass I only saw that she enjoyed visiting gloryhole stations at public adult theaters. At these gloryhole theaters she would enter the private booths and let stranges use her furry little hole for personal pleasure but what I didn't realize at first was that this wife actually lets them cum inside her cunt, yeap she humps away at their cocks until they explode filling her creamy crack to an overflowing state!


So your probably asking what the heck is a gloryhole wife creampie? Well its just a hole, obviously, cut or punched out between two booths in a adult theater. Inside the booth you will find a movie screen where you can deposit tokens and watch the latest flick while touching off a batch. The hole is not something you find often and its mostly used for guys on guys if you know what I mean, but in this case our lovely wife takes advantage of the masses and uses it for pussy pleasure.


Now this is one wicked wild bitch for sure and I for one am thankful to find such a willing wife to not only have some creampie fun to to bring it to us in true amateur movies. She has a nice little archive of these homemade creampie movies up on her little site, which is a proadult avs membership. Now for only 25 bucks a year you get access to thousands of amateur sites like her but for me it was worth the ticket just to see this horny wife wrap that pussy around a strangers sticky throbbing pecker.


This is true hardcore homemade stuff too, no plot of story here, just good old humping and screwing and its all about her as Kay takes trips to the gloryhole and gives the patrons a warm place to stick their rods. Of course theres a little story attached but once you figure out the priority your pretty much set for the rest of the visit, which is ok my me. As mentioned before the amazing part is that she goes in bareback with these swinging dicks, and as each dude sticks his penis thru the hole she lines herself up and with a firm grasp points the dangerous end straight towards her vagina hole. At first the gloryhole wife slowly working her studs pecker into the proper position and then once started wildly humps away at it working it as deeply into her little womb as possible.


Anyway to conclude, if you like to see good homemade creampie movies, backstreet style particularly, visit this girl and give her some support. Its cheap fun for sure and something that cannot be found anywhere else that I know of. True female gloryhole action and real creampies make this wife and her adventures a winner in my book.



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